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Introducing Uplighting & Wedding Monogram Gobo Light

Published March 11, 2015

Introducing Uplighting & Wedding Monogram Gobo Light

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Wedding lighting creates a dramatic look for your wedding. Not many wedding couples are familiar with it. Today we will introduce two wedding ambience lights: uplighting and wedding monogram gobo light.  They will transform your wedding venue.   

Monogram Gobo Light
Project your wedding monogram on the wall and dance floor. Not many wedding couple uses it, so your wedding will surely stand out. Make sure the image quality is clear and bright. It is important to choose a professional wedding lighting company.

Wireless Uplighting
Uplighting is affordable to transform your venue. Traditional light bulb up lighting uses colour gels to change colour. The colour options are quite limited. Not to mention about the burning risk due to the lights overheating. Try to avoid it.  LED wire uplighting is a good replacement for light bulb uplighting. However, it requires lots of cabling and taping. Wireless uplighting is generally slightly more expensive, but it's worth it for 3 main reasons:

We hope our tips are helpful. So you can pick the right wedding lighting to transform your venue!

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